Christmas gifts from MUJI

UPDATE: I am really upset that so many of the stuff I eyed from overseas MUJI sites are not available in Singapore based on my visit to the Paragon outlet.  Updates below on those items that are not available.  

Yay, the Christmas stuff are finally available at MUJI Singapore (many weeks after they were available in other parts of the world!!). Anyway I was window shopping some time back and here’s a roundup of some MUJI stuff that I like…

  • Wooden solar system
  • Traditional edo ceramic tiles (Not available in Singapore)
  • Denim A4 Tie Envelope (Not available in Singapore)
  • Oak Door Stopper 2 Pack (Not available in Singapore)
  • Sushi Omelette Pan
  • Glass Water Jug & Tumbler (Not available in Singapore)
  • Heatproof Glass T-Pot 1000ml
  • Alderwood Tray (Not available in Singapore)
  • Patterned touchscreen gloves
  • Ash Rectangular Dust Bin (Not available in Singapore)

Since the catalogue is not available online, I guess I need to pop by a MUJI store soon so that I can pick up a XMAS Catalogue to check out what’s available in Singapore (sadly we don’t get the full range here).  Perhaps I can utilise the $5 discount coupon (with every $50 purchase)? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Christmas gifts from MUJI

  1. Hi, I have seen your post about Muji and wanted to let you know something. They kind of have some of the not available stuff at Muji Marina Square. Marina usually have the rare stuff, but if you are looking for the more common ones, it isn’t the best place to go.

    • @Zuosi. Actually you can ask your carpenter/contractor for a wedge of wood. My contractor gave us one. Unfortunately it’s been misplaced. Too bad Daiso doesn’t sell wood in wedges. Couldn’t find any (wood wedges) in ArtFriend too.

  2. Hi, I will be visiting the Muji flagship store at Yurakucho, Tokyo on Friday. If any of you would like to get an item that is unavailable in Singapore, do let me know by tomorrow (Thursday). No promises but I will keep a look out for your requested item while shopping for my own 🙂

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