Live Christmas Trees in Singapore

Hey, if you like the smell of live (well, sorta) Christmas trees, hurry on down to IKEA today.  To quote from IKEA Singapore, “get one now before they are gone“.

The trees come in 2 sizes:

  • 1.6m – $55 /FAMILY Price: $45 / Tree Base: $25 (Small)
  • 2.0m – $79 /FAMILY Price: $69 / Tree Base: $30 (Medium)

I know IKEA price their trees cheaper than the other plant nurseries in Singapore, so supplies run low very fast. But some people are more particular about the type of tree and/or shape of tree, so you may also wanna visit some of the nurseries located at Thomson Road to have a look at their live trees (I think the ones from IKEA can be a bit sparse on top).  I’ve included some brochures from Far East Flora/Goodwood for reference.

For the eco-conscious home owner, you may be debating if live Christmas trees grown in a sustainable manner (i.e. new trees are planted) and then recycled are more sustainable than re-using plastic/artificial Christmas trees for a few years. After reading a few articles debating this issue, I am really not any wiser but I think if you really like live trees, you should make sure that they come from sustainable forests and bring the trees for recycling when Christmas is over. And if you decided on an artificial tree (like me, cos I actually don’t like the woody smell – makes my nose itch…), then you should use the trees for a few years.

You may also like to read about how to take care of your live Christmas tree: click here to read.

In case you haven’t gotten your Christmas decorations/ornaments, you may like also to check out my earlier posts:

Source of pics: IKEA Singapore and Far East Flora


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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