Quick post re: Sales

With so many sales happening at year-end, I find it hard to decide if it’s worth a blog post to point any particular ones out. If I have to though, these may be worth a visit depending on your wallet size:

  • Proof Living
  • Xtra Christmas promos
  • Air Division
  • Grafunkt
  • Landex

A bit more on Landex cos it may not sound familiar to you. Landex supplies table ware to many top hotels and restaurants in Singapore.  You may know them better as Luzerne?  They are now having sales (remember to bring your DBS credit card for extra 10% off on top of the discounted prices).

Address: 70 Bendemeer Road, Luzerne #01-03 Singapore 339940 / Tel: +65 6288 7700

Website: http://www.landex.com.sg/aboutus.html / http://www.luzerne.com

Just a word of caution. CONTROL YOURSELF AT THE STORE. It’s just too easy to over-buy/spend when stuff are going at 40% to 50% off. I bought nearly all of my table ware from Landex shortly after I moved in. A LOT of table ware. Most are still languishing in the drawer as we tend not to use them when we have parties (too much washing!), and so all the nice vinegar pot, saucers, chopstick rests, etc have never been used. But I still remember how much I enjoyed selecting the tableware. If you have ‘atas’ taste, they even have those gold rimmed type of table ware which are highly popular according to the friendly auntie at the store.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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