My Christmas 2012 window display

Ok, don’t laugh. It is a tad over-the-top for Singapore, but I figured that this should be fairly normal in USA (well, have a look at this lighted display if you think otherwise).

What do you think?  I think that at least one of my neighbours appreciates the display since they have a Christmas tree at their foyer this year (and their door is usually left open so that the tree is on display).  Even if my neighbours don’t like the display, it makes me happy when I see it anyway. Yeah, luckily I don’t actually have a landed property. I would probably be tempted to decorate with LED lights.  Can you imagine a mini-Orchard Road in my front/back yard??  LOL.  🙂

The photos below are mostly true to life except that I photoshopped my ugly utilitarian door number above the door (away).

All the decorations are from IKEA, including wreath, garland and ribbons.

P.S. Here are pics of my Christmas 2011 windows if you are interested.

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