I heart clearance sales

Was looking for a new item for my bedroom and stumbled across these great deals. Snapped some pics to whet your appetite.

First up is Air Division. I only went to the Wilkie Flagship store since it usually has more variety (than the Park Mall outlet). Developed a sudden lust for their lovely marble topped dining tables. Many display items (actually, almost everything seems to be on sale) and non-display items at clearance prices (mostly 50% to 40%).  Most of the display items are in great condition from what I can see so think they are great deals. Since only while stocks last, do hurry down and have a look if anything catches your fancy in the gallery below.

Address: Flagship store @ 28 Wilkie Road, #01-01 Sophia Flats, Singapore 228051

Tel: +65 6336 0662



Also was at the Grafunkt flagship store and stumbled upon their clearance pieces sale at #03-02 (either call the number at the door or go down to Level 2 and ask a staff to bring you up). Items are not as attractive as Air Division IMO due to the dust and some of the items are damaged, but prices are really slashed for some pieces, like 70% off and worth a look. Sneaked some pics. =P

Address: Grafunkt Flagship Store, 85 Playfair Road, #02-01 Tong Yuan Industrial Building, Singapore 368000
Tel: 6281 8465


[Umm, couldn’t find any pic of Tong Yuan Industrial Building]

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