I heart display model sales

Not for the fussy buyers, but display model items can be good buys, especially if you have a relatively tight budget but love designer furniture cos you can usually get the items at 50% discount (or more). Just be careful and inspect the displayed item carefully.  You already know about the Grafunkt and Air Division sales that I’d highlighted a few days back. Here are some pics from the Lifestorey sale since I just popped by in the evening. Kartell items at 30% off btw.


#02-15 Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
6732 7362

P.S. Would have posted this earlier but was distracted and reading the Yuki, Alvin and Zoe Raymond saga that is exploding all over the local blogsphere.  The online community has been digging out all sorts of dirt on ZR (check out Xiaxue’s opinion of ZR)(ZR’s response to Xiaxue’s post)(Xiaxue’s response to ZR’s post)(ZR’s ‘artistic’ photos) and Alvin (people have traced his current job title and employer) and even set up an Anti-ZR fb page o_O (link). Just remember not to click on ZR’s blog and add to her readership. Anyway, yeah is highly distracting. (-_-“)

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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