Wish List: A slipper tub

This is the 2nd of my ‘wish list’ series (after over 200 posts!) so yeah I don’t take my wish list lightly. Just a warning that this is a long rambling post as it took me a while to figure out the perfect tub that I want.

I started off with this post wanting an ofuro tub in my next place, no thanks to a colleague from Japan waxing lyrical about how relaxing the Japanese tubs are a few months ago. Actually, an ofuro tub with a view would be more like it.  Like the one in the featured picture above.

Picture via: http://kalkulation.deviantart.com/art/ofuro-209076589


Hahaha. Ok, more realistically, a bathroom with space for an ofuro tub AND a shower.  I can always install reading lights (and a ‘reading’ board for books) and a small TV to compensate for the lack of view (I like to keep myself busy, haha, otherwise soaking and trying to feel zen just bores me).  If I am in a non-city area I could wish for an ofuro under the stars. Quite poetic except for my irrational fear of flying (and non-flying for the matter) insects. But anyway in Singapore you’ll hardly get the kind of milky way star view that I crave for:

Sweden night sky

Picture via: http://imgur.com/gallery/xYurN

Apparently this is a night sky view from Sweden. Since I haven’t been there, I don’t know if the Swedish night sky really looks like that. But at least in Africa and New Zealand, I loved the night sky. It was quite a revelation when I realised that the sky can be really pretty at night (and so many stars!).  In Singapore our view is just too ‘polluted’ by all the surrounding lights. Anyway, I digress.

So an ofuro is a Japanese soaking tub. Unlike the western counterpart, an ofuro is shorter and deeper so that you are soaked up to your neck in a sitting position.  I think pictures are necessary so I’ve borrowed the pics from Bartok Design:

western style bath-thumb-120x54-545<– This is the western style bathtub we are all familiar with. Not very comfortable cos I always feel quite awkward about my legs.

japanese style ofuro-thumb-100x83-542 <– This is the traditional ofuro tub.  Notice all the legs are all scrunched up? Might be a tight and uncomfortable fit since I am not petite like a typical Japanese lady.  But looks very water saving.

best of both bath-thumb-120x71-548 <– This is a bit of a hybrid. Perhaps something like this would be good. Takes up a bit less space, but doesn’t leave legs all stretched out (and kinda uncomfortable unlike the western tub).

Bartok Design ships to Singapore by the way. Very pricy customised wood ofuro. Feel free to browse their products if you have a good chunk of change to get an ofuro made of traditional wood (hinoki) (but I think I can only afford acrylic/fibreglass or whatever man-made material…).

So while looking for pictures of ofuros, this is my favourite:


Picture via: http://www.limitemagazine.com/2009/03/hinoki-ofuro-bath-by-seaotter-woodworks/

Ofuro tub with a view, with practical steps to enter the tub and hybrid style.  But in Singapore this is hardly likely unless I get some unblocked penthouse or a very secluded landed property (and I am not rich enough to do either!).  Or I really need to find someone who can provide the Lumisty® window film that I am so enamoured with… So back to browsing some other websites, and I found these from Toto.

This one has a special tub height window. I really like the idea! Even better if the ceiling opens to the sky but having a tub height window is already a bonus. Oh and it shows how an achievable toilet I’ll imagine in my future home – a wet area with half the space allocated to the shower, and the other half to the tub. But… if I can’t have a window, perhaps the alternative is to have the ofuro located near the wall of the bedroom, install a glass wall/window/TV/speakers and create a full indoor experience. Plus I really don’t want to have to clean the ofuro regularly, so I need a cover for the ofuro. Ok, so my wish list expanded to a hybrid ofuro with a view, and with a removable cover. 0_O

Toto tub 2

This second one is almost perfect. Except for the tub direction, I think the head should lean against the wall so that the ‘soaker’ can look up at the skylight. But otherwise, perfect.

Toto tub 1

Toto tub pictures via: http://www.toto.co.jp/products/bath/b00032/plan.htm

Ok but then I remember the other problem that I have while soaking in hotel tubs (the 1st is the weird stretched-out legs that can’t touch the other end of the tub).  Head/neck support!!  Yeah, I need something to lean my head against, like those in the car.  So back to Google search and I found loads of ‘bath tub neck pillows’ and tubs for babies including this adorable one (I need an adult’s version though and I can’t fit into the sink!):


Picture via: http://survival4moms.com/baby_book/bathing-baby-without-the-back-ache/

And the closest I came to finding one is this – the Amalfi tub by Victoria + Albert Baths:


Picture via: http://vandabaths.com/usa/products/amalfi/

I know. Gorgeous right?  I mean the tub, not the model. (-_-“)

Even has a neck pillow with suction pads if you prefer some neck support:


So this is it I guess. No cover, but I can live with that since the tub looks so gorgeous (some sacrifices have to be made for beauty). Mmm… dunno if it is available in Singapore. Even if it is I am guessing that it’s a fairly out of reach 4 figure amount. But heck, it’s a wish list right?

My final wish list is a slipper soaking tub (hopefully with a view).

I’ll leave you to admire the graceful curves again:



Picture via: http://www.digsdigs.com/premium-freestanding-tubs-from-victoria-albert/

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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