Lunar New Year Decorations from IKEA

Sorry for the MIA (missing in action)… started the new year feeling sick and rather sorry for myself. Other realities of life takes priority as well so been feeling rather delinquent about blogging.

Anyways I am back to share my shopping for Chinese New Year. I really like the ‘福’ aka GYRID coasters and pot stands from IKEA so bought quite a few of those. Gave the tableware a miss though since I really don’t need more bowls, cups or bags. Also bought a potted pussy willow (along with the inverted ‘福’ pot) and some other new floor mats to welcome the new year.

Here are some pics so you can do some ‘window shopping’ before popping by. You can also find the usual cheesy CNY decorations at any HDB neighbourhood (and most supermarkets) – hey, what’s CNY without some cutesy snake characters on the walls right?  Alternatively get some soft toy snakes from IKEA to drape around the house. 🙂

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