I am now on Pinterest!

Gosh, the past few months have flown by since my last post. I haven’t disappeared off the face of earth if anyone has wondered about that. Just been super busy with a long-drawn work assignment (anticipated) and new responsibilities at work (not anticipated) that has left me with little time to spend on hobbies like blogging. Now that I am back (sorta), I’ll try to do better.

Home and design-wise for the past three months I have been to the major new store openings like Crate & Barrel (extremely disappointing) and CB2 (I like!). I still continue to read local and overseas interior design and architectural-related mags, and so am continually tempted by stuff that I have no space for… Have avoided much of the flood of new store openings since I no longer have space to buy more stuff, decorative or otherwise (except for wall space, but that’s another story…). But, am still tempted by sales (who isn’t) which is really one trigger for this post…

The mid-years sales are starting!!! (Ok, some already started but yeah…)

Those of you who need to buy furnishings, fixtures and appliances for your home, keep your eyes peeled for sales notices. All the better if you are already member/s or on the mailing lists of the stores. If you are not, perhaps it’s time to get yourself signed up on the mailing list asap. As far as I know (and I’m not even trying very hard to keep abreast of the news):

  • Dream Interiors: VIP Preview – 15-17 May; Ex-Stock 40%+5% / Indent 30%+5%
  • Space Furniture: VIP Preview – 15-17 May; Discount amount – unknown.
  • Grafunkt: Started – think 20% off?
  • Foundry: Started – can’t remember

Think I won’t have time this year to give regular updates but if you look at the past 2 years, most stores probably won’t deviate much re: discount rate. And yeah most stores will start BEFORE the Great Singapore Sale officially starts on 31 May so scan the papers or better yet call and haunt the store where you have been eyeing the items to check.

Anyway, I’ve started a few Pinterest boards and just thought to share. See, while I think I won’t have time with wordy posts, and blogging really needs a bit of time for prepping, Pinterest really takes the pain away. I just click “pin” and choose which board I want to add the pin to. Half the time (ok, more like 90%) I don’t even bother to edit the original comments. And with the Pinterest app being available on my iPhone (and iPad & Android), I can even add pins while queueing for my takeaway economy rice and kopi (local coffee) to eat at my desk (yes, work has been THAT busy).

So I now have 7 Pinterest boards, not all related to interiors and home stuff but you can decide which ones you wanna browse thru. They are:

  1. Dreamy homes I can live in… (think of it as a mood board for my future IDs)
  2. Random beauty (stuff that touch my soul… errr… really? Just whatever takes my fancy lar)
  3. Useless info graphics you never knew you needed (those nuggets of info, all packaged in a nice info graphic…)
  4. Random home stuff (anything else that’s home related but can’t fit in the ‘mood board’)
  5. Stupid funny stuff (can be stupid, or funny, or both)
  6. Christmas decor ideas (never too early to start planning, ha)
  7. So true quotes (yeah, that sort of quotes. Words of wisdom)

Some of them are quite sparsely pinned, but hey considering that I just started Pinterest and managed to accumulate over 400 pins so far, the overall stats is pretty darn impressive, if I say so myself.

So yeah, if you are interested do head on over to Pinterest to have a look. Find me by searching under “People”, and type “amodularlife”. Simple ya? 🙂

Search under "People", and type "amodulariife"

Preview of my boards:

One thought on “I am now on Pinterest!

  1. Hi, I am Phyllis from Huntington Communications. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for blogs to cover my client’s upcoming event. Do you have an email address I can send more info to? Thank you.

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