Decorating our walls – Part 1

Hi! It’s been a while since my last post and a wave out to everyone first! 🙂 Perhaps a quick update before moving on to the topic?

Time really flies and it’s been a fast two years since my renovation was completed.  We recently had a few gatherings in my place including one with our IDs (Hari and Ai Hwa aka M+A) and contractor (and his lovely wife) (hmm, I shall refer to him by his initials, H from now and his wife as M so that I can call them H&M, haha) over the weekend. It was a boozy (erm, or maybe that shouldn’t have been the first description, haha) evening full of good fun and loads of laughter. We had a gathering partly to celebrate being shortlisted for the President’s Design Award and partly as a two year anniversary catch-up.

It was great to catch up with how everyone is doing and we were also very pleasantly surprised by their lovely gifts. M+A got us those lovely Singapore icons plates from Supermama (and now we may have to start a new plate collection hobby, oops), and H&M gave us some high tech face masks from Japan. While I am not sure I am keen to have snail’s extract on my face, I hear that it’s really all the rage now in Japan and really effective. Well, anything for a prettier face ya? Do click for M’s website and Facebook links if you are interested to have a look at the latest high-tech face masks from Japan and yeah, they have other types like collagen, placenta, etc.


As for both of us… well I still shop a lot, though much less frequently for furniture obviously. But we still visit most of the interesting warehouse/end of season furniture sales (rather hard to resist since we are now on most of their mailing lists ya?) and have one or two pieces left to buy. We have also picked up some new hobbies and  those of you who follow me on Pinterest may be able to guess what is my latest obsession. (-_-“)


Anyways, back on topic, I thought to finally share how we have decorated some of the walls in the house. Think this has to be a two parter cos it’s STILL a work in progress. Gosh, talk about slooooooow right? Two years and still WIP? But hey at least we have made some progress…

I’ll start with the lady in the dining room since that is the first piece that you’ll see when you enter the house. I’ll admit that she raises some eyebrows when guests are over, especially the older folks (kids don’t seem to care tho).

The lady in the house

And then just outside the guest toilet, we have these two design concept prints from our IDs of our place.


We also placed the design concept print submitted by our IDs for the President’s Design Award in the study room, conveniently visible through the glass partition from the kitchen.


That leaves the big empty space behind our sofa in the living room… which I shall save for part two, along with my bedroom (with it’s ever changing displays). Not to whet your interest or anything, but it’s really still WIP though I really hope the pieces will be put up soon.

Oki, that’s almost all for this post.

And… thanks to all of you who subscribed to my blog. Really appreciate your support – I have been getting subscribers even tho I have been MIA for a while and that’s really one of the reasons why I will try harder to blog a bit more frequently even if the minutiae (and stresses) of real life may be a tad distracting. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Decorating our walls – Part 1

  1. Cool! Especially the id concept prints. Haha, I still have not did much for my wall deco too and its coming to 1 year since I moved in. Happy to hear that I’m not alone.

    Looking fwd to see part 2. 🙂

    • Hi Zuosi, yeah I do find it much harder to find stuff that we both like, especially since we have very different preferences and also try to go for decorations that can last. Jiayou for your place. Sometimes pure chance when you spot a nice piece too. 🙂

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