Happy New Year, & announcing a new blog

Hello. 2013 has been a really busy year mostly due to work, and 2014 looks to be just as busy, but hopefully for a different reason. Hubby and I are expecting a baby boy in mid-2014, which means a whole lot of new experiences to look forward to, plus loads of sleepless nights (which I’m really not looking forward to!).

Since I did find the whole experience of blogging about our renovation rather cathartic, not to mention helping to organise the numerous shopping lists/items for ourselves and our IDs, figured that a blog about my impending mummy-hood wouldn’t do any harm. But this current blog doesn’t quite lend itself to the most ‘baby-related’ sounding address, so I’ve created a new blog here to park entries about mother/babyhood related stuff: Ampersandstop. My first post there is about nesting instincts and features my first mood board in the last 2 years:


Haha, ya, like how many mummies actually create a mood board for the nursery right? Think I am the 1st among my friends for sure… Anyways, feel free to pop by Ampersandstop for details on the mood board.

By the way, I didn’t create any christmas post since I didn’t attempt any elaborate christmas decorations this year (thanks to pregnancy fatigue), but still found some energy to do up this lovely Kikkerland paper christmas wreath to hang at the windows:


And to end this post, want to wish you a belated merry christmas and a happy and healthy year ahead! Happy 2014!

One thought on “Happy New Year, & announcing a new blog

  1. First of all, I would like to thanks for your wishes. I want to tell you one thing that your creativity with Kikkerland paper is really attractive and unique and your post on baby related stuff is nice because if you have a baby then it means you will have to purchase lots of baby stuff and that is very expensive also.

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