May 2013 update: I am now on Pinterest!

Jan 2014 update: I now have a baby blog!

Hubby and I bought and renovated a HDB (Housing & Development Board – aka Singapore’s public housing) 1560 sqft executive maisonette in Queenstown in 2011 (yes, before the area became better known as where the $1 million HDBs are located…).

This blog was created to chronicle our adventures while planning, renovating and furnishing the flat, and various other random thoughts as they arise.  Renovation of our new home took place over 8 weeks, and we are now happily living in our new place.  Our place was featured in the March/April 2012 issue of Dwell Asia magazine and was shortlisted for  2013 President’s Design Award. The blog continues on as we tinker with occasional home improvements and (frequent) window shopping (poor hubby)…

If you are in the midst of renovation, hope the various resources on this blog will help.  Do check out the links on the right bar, as well as store listings in the index above.  I also have periodic shopping related postings that seem to be fairly popular based on the stats:

If you are wondering whether I am paid to mention certain stores or brands, be assured that I only highlight stores that I like, and have full freedom to gripe about those that I am not happy with.  Currently I receive no renumeration for any postings and have no wish to change that arrangement in the short term.  I do this as a hobby, so there is really no obligation on my part to make any sort of postings.  This also means that real life responsibilities takes precedence over this hobby – I have a busy day job that I’ll rather not divulge and this blog is really to satisfy my inner yearning for a gorgeous dream home that I can spend the rest of my life in. (My current place is not ‘it’, I think…)

If you have a burning question, feel free to leave me a question via the comments section in posts.  If it gets held for moderation (my spam filter is fairly strong since I’ve had thousands of spam comments), I will get to it eventually.  However, I do not entertain (i) queries on my renovation costs, & (ii) any new queries on prices of items that I got (hey, I no longer  remember all the prices after all this time and you can always call up the store and check latest pricing yourself).  There is a search function that I have always included on the right-hand bar if you want to check previous postings.

More about my current place…

Original floor plan:

Post-renovation pictures:

Pre- & post-renovation comparisons (which are fairly interesting IMO):

Since I do get occasional queries on renovating an EM… To the best of my knowledge currently a full overhaul for a HDB executive maisonette (EM) by a contractor or ‘renovator’ appear to range from $70 to $80k in 2012.  This amount is higher than usual HDB flats simply cos of the larger floor area, extra toilet (3 instead of 2) and stairs.  There are also more windows/doors (including the ones for the balcony) to cater for.  Not to mention that HDB no longer builds EMs so all EM units are at least 15 years or older and mostly require total overhaul.  The amount may or may not include air-conditioning, and definitely does not include kitchen fixtures,  bathroom fixtures, fans and lights.  If you plan to use an Interior Designer (ID), budget for another 10-20% more.  Of course, the actual amount will depend on the scope of work that you plan to do, materials to be used and the type of design. Typically EM renovations requires 8 to 12 weeks.  Some eye candy for inspirations: