Weekend indulgences: Watching Grand Designs UK

It’s kinda become a favourite weekend activity of ours i.e. watching episodes of Grand Designs together.  Grand Designs is a British television series presented Kevin McCloud that features various homebuilding projects. It’s been around for over 10 years but it’s only recently that we found out about it when we stumbled upon an episode on Starhub’s BBC Lifestyle channel (432). Each…


The (unofficial) Tan Boon Liat Building furniture store directory

It seems like Tan Boon Liat Building has a great collection of furniture stores, so I thought to compile a list for would-be furniture hunters. After all, it’s not the most easy to get to building (not until the new MRT station is up anyway), and I know what it’s like to miss a store…

Panda Print 3

Yay for another new store: CB2 in Singapore

It’s like the younger sibling of Crate & Barrel I think.  As usual I prowled through the CB2 site (ships to Singapore by the way!) and shortlisted these eye candy below. Just too bad I need another house before I can seriously consider which ones to get. Pretty sure CB2 Singapore will update its Facebook, so…


Sale at Franc Franc

Just in case you didn’t know… Franc Franc sale started on 3 August. Spotted lots of display sets, wall pics and ornaments on sale. For those of you in the midst of furnishing your place, happy shopping!  

IKEA’s PS 2012 collection

UPDATE: Here’s the press kit that has loads more details on the PS 2012 collection. PS? What’s that? Every 3 years (the last PS collection was in 2009), IKEA gathers a group of designers to create ‘cutting edge’ furniture that’s available at a fraction of the price for designer ones. While it’s no H&M Marni or…