Maisonette Stairs – love-hate relationship?

On one hand, we got an EM cos of the privacy offered on the 2nd floor.  Then again, the reality that I’ll soon be bounding up and down the stairs a few times a day is starting to sink in. Argh.

Hopefully the stairs looks and feels gorgeous, so that should lessen the pain.

Looks-wise, the stairs has to fit the overall theme/design of course.  And some-how the railings, steps and light feature has to be complementary.  In most EMs, the stairs are in the middle of the house without any natural light.  That means the stairs is dark even during the day.  If you want to talk fengshui into it, means the place is very ‘ying’.

There are solutions around it of course, either by way of introducing natural lighting and/or putting more light fixtures around.  Either way, expect to spend anything between S$4 to 10K for a staircase overhaul.  The more expensive ones being those with full frameless tempered glass rails that require concrete support along the bottom edge and with full wooden steps.

For lightings, do think about how you intend to change the lightbulbs if you want to hang a chandelier.

Anyway, just thought to share some ideas we picked up from other EM renovations.  They are mostly from Renotalk but unfortunately I did not bookmark the links when I first gathered the pics.  Do drop me a comment if you’ll like to be credited for your beautiful staircase k?