Why an Executive Maisonette?

I like EMs cos of the space, plus the fact that such units comes with three toilets.  While Executive Apartments are just as spacious, they only have two toilets.  Jumbos and Multi-Generation apartments that may have more than two toilets are hard to come by, not to mention factoring location and transport needs.
My personal views aside, I do have some news articles I’ve found that gives some (unbiased?) insights.

Stairway to (housing) heaven explains that:

  • HDB stopped constructing new executive flats after the introduction of the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme in 1995, maisonettes are now in limited supply. (But limited supply is not a factor I considered!  In fact age of the apartment was quite a big turn-off, especially for the older EMs that can be around 30-ish years old.) Update on 16 Oct 2012: Govt will not build any more executive maisonettes: Khaw
  • Maisonettes can be found in various mature estates such as Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Hougang, Queenstown and Sembawang. (Yep, important cos I would like the convenience of a mature estate)
  • Typical units have floor areas from 1,527sqf to 1,560sqf. As such, they are popular among couples and families who like more room. (Yes!!)
  • The bedrooms are upstairs, so guests can hang out downstairs in the living and dining areas without going near the private areas. Plus, there is no way for anyone to peek into the bedrooms from the corridor. (Yes for me too.)

For those “penthouse” lovers, there are those maisonette units with sky terraces and unblocked view as this article “Give up the sky for $1m?” explains.  These units are rare too, e.g. only 52 in Bishan, and 12 in Choa Chu Kang (one was sold with $100K COV in 2010).  In Strathmore (Queenstown), there are only 4 of these precious babies, and one made news when it nearly set the record price.  Makes you wonder when one of them will break the $1 million HDB ‘ceiling’ price huh?

Here are some pics to ‘tempt’ you…

Bishan ‘sky terrace’ EMs are located on the 2nd highest floor in each of these point blocks

View from a ‘sky terrace’
There are more nicely renovated EMs around. Think I’ll get around to doing features eventually.
This is one of the 4 Strathmore units.
A Choa Chu Kang ‘penthouse’ interior

11 thoughts on “Why an Executive Maisonette?

  1. One “problem” of getting a unit with big floor area is the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Of course, if you are a full time housewife or assisted by a maid, then it will be less of an issue 🙂

    I can see that you have put in a lot of effort researching into the EMs. Do keep us posted on the lastest reno developments. And Good Luck!

    • @zjz: erm… cleaning wise… we will get a weekend part-time helper… yeah 3 toilets… and balcony and… hmm… seems like a lot to clean. The good thing is we hardly cook and are usually not home, so it’s not as oily/greasy/dusty. Plus we found a super powerful oil sucking hood.

      Thanks, nothing for the next 6 weeks I’m afraid, so more of researching and deciding on various selections and combinations (materials, gadgets & colors).

      Wish to be a happy ‘taitai’ too but highly dependent on my SO to make my dream come true tho. 😛

  2. Talking about cooking, I wonder if you have access to piped gas from City Gas? Using piped gas means that you need not have a cylinder gas tank in your kitchen for your stove.

    Also, I am using gas heater for my hot bathe. According to City Gas, gas heater is more “green” and cheaper than electric ones. One thing to note is that you need to install the gas heater in an airy space.

    Do check the gas options 🙂

    • @zjz: Yeah, we do have piped gas. Was quite concerned about having to use cylinder for cooking since I’ve always used piped gas but confirmed from seller that the unit gets piped gas.

      Water heater has to be storage type cos of the rainshowers we intend to install. Read that City Gas heater not advised for rain showers. Now need to understand what storage capacity to get.

  3. Rainshowers! What a way to pamper yourself at the end of a hard working day 🙂

    Hope I do not sound too long winded. Just hoping to share my experience of what to look out for while doing up a new home.

    • @zjz: Not at all, much appreciated in fact. 🙂

      Actually I suspect I won’t use the rainshowers that much, but they were so gorgeous we couldn’t resist getting them. There is actually another feature in the bathroom fixtures that gets me all excited when I think about them…

      I think I’ll devote an entire future post on my bathroom fixtures… hmm… make that two or three. I seem to be fairly fixated on bathroom fixtures, which I will blame on my constant staying in hotels that has spoiled me rotten. 😛

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