My ‘ugly’ cooking hood

I’ve a feeling the hood we bought is causing some dismay to my IDs (plural, cos they are working in a team).

Ok, admittedly I never got the hood for aesthetics reasons… but still, the hood has gotta be one of the least ‘streamlined’ models around.

The main reasons why we got the particular hood brand/model?

  1. Oil absorption ability: the particular model we chose was at 88%, highest among the recycling range.
  2. Noise level: lower noise level than the other model we considered.
  3. Place of manufacture: apparently made in Japan, vs the other made in China model.

Perhaps the ‘oil absorption ability’ needs some explanation.

You see, after reading about various hoods and considering technical stuff like suction power, types of filter, recycling or venting (HDB only allows recycling), maintenance & cleaning, noisiness, cost, etc, I sort of settled on a Fujioh hood cos they seem to target oily heavy cooking styles that we Asians tend to do.  Fujioh is also currently the only one that has tested for oil absorption performance.  Suction power doesn’t tell me how well they absorb oil/fumes. Possible that other hoods actually perform better, but then again no technical data to back them up.

The obsession with absorption ability is due to the open concept kitchen of course.  With no way to isolate the cooking smell, the only way we could think of to prevent the house from smelling oily/greasy (short of simply not doing any cooking) is to get a really powerful hood.

So Fujioh it is, and then the next decision was on which model?

The one that most people seem to get is the FX900.  Price aside, in terms of design it is sleeker than the older models.  “Sleek” being a relative description of course.  Fujioh hoods really protrude out a lot more than other models…

And why did we not choose the FX900?  Mainly cos of reasons 1, 2 and 3.  The 800MK2 is supposed to absorb more oil (88% vs FX900’s 83%), is a little quieter (slightly less than 10db per setting) based on what we heard from 2 demo models in a store we went to, and is supposed to be made in Japan (vs FX900’s made in China model).

Ok, so time for some pics, and then below are the links to download the Fujioh hoods brochure (it lists the specs for all the models) and the 800MK2 technical specs.  In case you would like to read more about the FX900, you may like to click HERE to read a real-life user review.

Click HERE to download the Fujioh hoods brochure

Click HERE to download the tech drawings for MK800

Update: Here is my completed kitchen: Kitchen

17 thoughts on “My ‘ugly’ cooking hood

  1. I got the very same hood. It does it’s job real well until it suddenly “popped” on me! It literally sounded like a “pop” sound before it went dead. Dunno what the issue is yet, whether it is installation problem by the contractor or it is the unit itself. Will need to call Fujioh today to determine.

    Seems like the items I bought from this shop,Living Phenomenon at Balestier, is giving me so many problems. The rain shower needed repair and the spray also need to change. Now cooker hood……haiz. I’m praying it can be repaired easily cuz there is no way they can tear it down w/o destroying my new kitchen. Haiz…..just moved in less than a month ago and and used the Mk800 only 5 to 6 times!!!

    So, how has the hood performed so far for you?

    • @Rubes: So far my equipment are working ok… Think we had to change the lightbulb in the hood once but otherwise so far ok. Hope the service support by Fujioh is good!
      As for the hood, cos mine was installed pretty near the end, from what I can see it’s not that hard to uninstall, but could be a challenge to find a hood of similar (huge) dimensions. I do like that I don’t bump my head against the hood, as I see so many people do in their kitchens.

    • @Christine: I got a Bosch. Can’t rem what model tho… it’s not the high-end range. You can also look at Brandt and Electrolux depending on whether you have a brand preference.

  2. Anyone tried the NL900 or know of anyone who has? The specs in the brochure for it does not mention the fumes absorption rate

  3. Hi, since you have used your hood for a while now, do you feel that white colour hood is hard to maintain? I am considering either white or stainless steel for the same hood…

  4. Bought the earlier version of FX900, the F9, based on review on noise level and suction power. Also liked the look as we were able to incorporate it into the hanging cabinets. Now the bad news: The “oil-trapper” never worked. It has always been empty, but plenty of oil everywhere else. So what’s the point of this gadget? Now the next problem. Fujioh aparently does not expect their products to last more than 5 years. We have not been able to find replacement light bulb or oil-filter.

    • We replaced our light bulb with an LED one almost immediately. So didn’t face a problem with the bulb at all. Also, if the hood is installed at the wrong height, then it won’t work well. Not sure what is your point to complain here? You may do better to write to the distributor. Have you tried that?

    • Thanks for this info. I’m only interested in this brand because of “oil-trapper” feature.Now I have to think again on whether I should get this brand or not.
      I’m currently using Brandt with suction power 1250 ( noisy & powerful ) but the issue with Brandt model is oil. A lot of oil dripping everywhere.

      Any cooker hood recommendation for REAL Asia cooking ?

  5. I used to own 800L fujioh copper colour very easily to maintain
    similar GSP 900 and have been using for 18 years except the light bulb cannot be replace as the starter is spoilt. Other than that it function very well. Now move to another resale flat looking for fujioh.

  6. Sorry anything that doesn’t look good will deconstruction all its surrounding aesthetics, like wearing plastic necklace will disgrace the most elegante dress you have. So this hood, unfortunately, should not be considered in the first place. LL.

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