Quick post re: Sales

With so many sales happening at year-end, I find it hard to decide if it’s worth a blog post to point any particular ones out. If I have to though, these may be worth a visit depending on your wallet size:

Have fun shopping this weekend!

Not that I make it a point to ask people to go shopping every weekend (last weekend was Christmas decorations at IKEA), but there are simply too many sales this (and next) weekend to ignore… Grohe warehouse, Teka, Mayer, Tempur, Techno and Philips Carnival 2012 (17 to 18 Nov 2012).  Anything from home/electrical appliances to…

Sale at Franc Franc

Just in case you didn’t know… Franc Franc sale started on 3 August. Spotted lots of display sets, wall pics and ornaments on sale. For those of you in the midst of furnishing your place, happy shopping!  

Dream kitchen for the ultra (rich) minimalist

Via wall units with Ala and Aerius lift-up doors, the New Logica System allows the house proud owner to conceal everything in an instant, or to display the kitchen equipment with the built in lighting. The video is rather long, but watch and you’ll understand my lust for this kitchen.  I have a feeling that the New Logica…

Winged happiness in an expresso cup

The Putto expresso cups make me smile. Not sure if I should have bought more at the Page One sale yesterday, but apart from using them during a photoshoot, am not sure if I would ever use them… hmm… I do love the bright chirpy colours (ignore the black one, reminds me of some fallen angel),…