Merry Christmas 2014

I’m not sure why it happens, but Christmas always makes me think about this blog. I think it has to do with remembering my excitement at spending the very first Christmas in our new place and the very many decorations I got that year. (You can check out my many past posts about Christmas and shopping for decorations here if you are curious) Even though I no longer blog much, this blog surprisingly manages to attract a decent number of hits. I’m still getting over 30k hits monthly which is a lot considering how long it’s been since my last post right? As much as I’ll love to continue blogging (and shopping), unfortunately with a new baby time has really become a precious resource. Some more I don’t blog for a living and am not bothered to monetize the blog. Anyway I suspect that this blog may only come alive after I get another new place. I thought it’ll be nice to share a photo of my tree along with my dear son for those of you readers who’ve been following my blog all these years. Yeah, we’ve finally ‘upgraded’ the tree with lights cos he enjoys the lights. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! image

One thought on “Merry Christmas 2014

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