2011 year-end sales

NOTE: Updated with more sales on 27 Nov.

It’s the season for furniture shopping again since the year-end sales have started.  A few of my favourites (in alphabetical order):

  • Air Division – End of season storewide reduction (dunno till when)
  • Dream  – The Dream sale has started for a while, not sure when it’ll end.
  • Grafunkt Just go to the flagship one at Playfair Road (the one at Park Mall has a pathetic selection…).  Spotted some display pieces at 50% off when I went there a few days ago.  Others at 10% to 30% off.
  • Marquis – Annual warehouse sale at the Tai Seng showroom – spotted loads of stuff at 50% off but… ahem, still at bank account breaking prices.  
  • P5 – Nice but pricey. But up to 60% off sounds good.
  • Space – I dunno why it’s not mentioned on their website, but I know they have some nice offers.  Anyway their new Bencoolen showroom is great.
  • Xtra – Haven’t been there so dunno how good the offers are.  So far haven’t had any great shopping experience there (service sucks!) so don’t think I’ll pop by, but have to admit that they do have some nice stuff.  
  • XZQT – The usual floor model clearances.

Btw, hope you went to the Miele annual display model clearance sale and the Tempur sale if you were in the market for these items.  For future reference, their sales usually take place around November each year for ONE weekend.  But then things change, like the Grohe warehouse sales dates which tend to vary quite a bit from one year to the next. 


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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