Local home decor mags available on iPad

I was actually looking for a copy of Home & Decor magazine’s Renovate 2012 issue on Zinio when I realized that Singapore Tatler Homes is now available on Zinio too. Am really hoping that more local publishers will get on the platform cos I find it so much more convenient to read on the iPad.  It also feels more ‘green’ reading on the iPad since I won’t end up with a stack of mags (tho I do sell to the garang guni for recycling).  Hey, Singapore was chosen as one of the first countries for the new iPad launch right?  So that speaks volumes about the market penetration for the iPad.

Anyway, Renovate 2012 is not available (yet?), but I’m hoping that will change soon since Home & Decor is already available in digital format.  I did find some previews for the issue tho, and was happy to see that the featured projects came with floor plans. 🙂

Click HERE for more previews of Renovate 2012


Oh ya, and some Sentosa Cove homes really have to die for sea views… read the latest Singapore Tatler Homes and you’ll understand what I mean… we are talking about unblocked sea view with no container ships dotting the horizon.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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