Sales sales everywhere and coming soon

I read the newspapers daily, so I noticed that there are quite a few decent sales recently/on-going.  I hope you saw the Grohe one (heard it was really crowded over the weekend of the sale), the Teka one and the Electrolux one too.

If you missed those, the Mayer sale has just started, the LifeStorey sale is still on-going (and the Kartell Stone stools are going for $199).  I have been popping by Air Division for a while now to check out their stock clearance (and we succumbed and bought another AD item for the apartment!).  I am half-hoping that the Marquis sale is still on (or that it will be revived for GSS 2012 anyway) and check out the Pomelo Home clearance sale inventory list on Facebook ever so often even tho we are really running out of space at home…

Hey, it does look suspiciously like the GSS has quietly started huh?

Anyway, if you are in the midst of renovation, do keep your eyes peeled for newspaper ads published on Friday and Saturday.  Some of these warehouse clearances only come around once or twice a year so it makes sense to keep an eye out for them for substantial savings.  If you are not renovating now, just file this nugget of information somewhere.  If you want to be very diligent about it, and already know the brands you are aiming for, you can check past sales dates for brands and stores like Miele, Bosch, Philips, Proof, Space, etc.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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