Stylish bike racks for display?

So what if I can’t ride a bicycle?  I can still enjoy nice bike racks right?  =P

I have a preference for wall hung racks (since space is a luxury in Singapore) as you can probably tell from the list below, but my criteria for the list is just anything that I think I would consider buying IF I actually have a bike. Or possibly to use as reference if I wanna get a carpenter to customise instead… I like those that can double as a nice display piece, sort of like a wall art and all the better if the racks are practical as well. Obviously the type of bike I had in mind is one of those expensive high-end fancy bike that you would like to show off and to keep in the house in case of bicycle thieves.

Quite a range of racks below ranging from those that costs about $50, to those that goes into 4 figs (yeah, I was shocked too).  Originally I was really aiming only for 10 bike racks to feature (“Top 10 Bike Racks” had a nice ring to it), but ended up with 18 instead.  Rather than splitting this feature into two posts, here are all 18 racks for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, that’s it. I won’t even think about having a list for bikes since I can’t ride.  Hey, don’t laugh. It’s pretty normal for Singaporean ladies not to know how to ride a bike…

Lots more pics/close-ups at the end of the list. Enjoy!



Bike Rack Birdhouse


Pedal Pod

By Tamasine Osher via

The (Original) Bike Shelf

By Knife and Saw via theknifeandsaw

Built-in bicycle racks in a staircase

Designed by Postgreen Architects via Dwell

Elevate Woodworks

Via ElevateWoodworks


By BYografia via

Built-in bicycle rack in a staircase

Designed by Mathias Klotz via

Wood Bike Storage

By CB2 via CB2

The Very Nice Bike Rack

Via Daniel

Oak Wood Bike Hanger “Elk”

Via Woodstick Ltd

Oak Wood Bike Hanger “Iceberg”

Via Woodstick Ltd

Endomondo Wall Bike Rack

Via Endomondo

Commuter Bike Rack

Designed by Payam Sarabi and Nihir Shah in collaboration with Urbanspace Interiors via Urbanspace Interiors

Perch Stand

Via ClankWorks

Bike Valet

Designed by Stephen Tiller of Reclamation Art + Furniture via Reclamation Art + Furniture

Bicycle Rack



By Quarterre via Quarterre

Enjoy the gallery!

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