Dining chairs dilemma

Actually, considering how many dining chairs we’ve seen, not so much a dilemma and more of being sure that we like those on the ‘shortlist’ enough to pay for them.

From the start, the Eames DSW chair with the wooden legs was the top choice:

And then IDs suggested that the Eames DSR chair looks better with it’s “Eiffel Tower” legs:

We are open to that, but next came the colour problem… black, white or multi-coloured?

Black would be a natural choice for me most of the time… resistant to dirt and all, but since my place is mostly white (white walls, floor and shoe rack), not sure if black would look strange.

White is the safe choice… but then after getting a black sofa, thought that perhaps black could be a better choice to continue the living room colours/theme (black n walnut)…

Multi-coloured? Just couldn’t visualise.

So some google searches later…

Ok, multi-coloured is out, but black or white? Dunno… or mustard?

Arghh… can’t decide. 😦

Or just look around a bit more?  Maybe I just haven’t met a chair that I ‘love’ enough to decide.

6 thoughts on “Dining chairs dilemma

  1. Hi.. actually there is a company call Comfort Furniture is that at the industrial area near opposite of Eunos MRT. They do nice and good replicates of the design chairs.. u may want to pop by to take a look. They sponsor the furnitures in Mediacorp’s drama series too. .:)

    • @Discman: Thanks for the tip. Yeah we saw Comfort Furniture when we went to The Furniture Mall and Lush Lush also has replicas. But we have decided to get originals or just not get the design if we can’t afford the real thing… Guess you won’t be seeing the Artichoke lamp in my place. 😦

  2. 🙂 i’ve been through the same stage as you about the originals when i got my first flat too. By the time i have my second place, I put the money to other use after realising how much i’ve paid for during my first encounter. Anyway, it’s always a great n unforgetable process to build and own your first house. So try to enjoy the process as much as the final outcome.. 🙂

    • @Discman: Just curious, what did you buy last time and did you bring your original stuff over to your new place? Any tips on the LEGO room/corner to share? 🙂

  3. Hi, i’m not sure which part you are referring to cos i really bought a lot of stuffs previously for my first house.. 😀 for my current place, my designer didnt build in that much display cabinets. Cos that time i have really started on my Lego hobby.. 😀 so later, when i realise i need display cabinets, i incorporated the Besta series into my existing design. So far so good. I’ve used the same arrangement for both my study room as well as my son’s room. just that now i’m also running out of place to display my assembled Legos too 😀 i just hope i dont have to change another bigger place to increase my display areas. If you are interested, i can try to take a few pictures and place them on my newly created blogs for you to see see. 🙂 just let me know ok?

    • @Discman: Just curious which designer pieces you got last time – lamps, chairs, tables, decorative stuff? Did you bring them over to your 2nd place as well?

      We can’t afford a lot of carpentry (sad!) so also not sure how to display my collection now. The only thing is being a yuppie couple we can use the third bedroom as a LEGO room. 🙂 Yeah, that’s what the room is officially called cos we don’t have other plans for it for now. Considering the sheer number of MISB sets I have, it may just look like a LEGO store! 😛 We estimate the room is the size of the Brick Station store lor…

      Yes, yes, and interested to see do share k? 😀 And change to a bigger place? Wow, how big do you intend to go?

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